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♡ helen desu
16, e/infp.

au!fanfic when baekhyun is on a mission in search for a date within less than a week.

Monday through Thursday

On Monday he met the Anteater, a Prairie Dog and dated a Hare. His old friend couldn't stay for long so he took him to an amusement park as a last memory souvenir, and there Byun Baekhyun knew that it was unlikely for his unlucky self to keep a long-distance relationship. Plus, he'd arranged a late night shopping date with his ex-boyfriend-of-a-friend, (she'd given him permission) the joker of the class back in high school. On the way at the subway, Baekhyun coincidently crossed paths with his junior, a self-proclaimed puppy, whom he was already close with, and they had a little chat and fun until Baekhyun realised this kid was, not immature, but his childish ways prevented any real thoughts of a possible romance. When he met up with the Hare in the evening, the animal was half-high and Baekhyun was really sort of turned off. And then there was that mop of hair and pearly whites which seemed to follow his peripheral vision everywhere, but he dismissed it swiftly.

On Tuesday morning, he thought his heart and penis would drop again by the time he met Chipmunk because of the stupid Hare last night, and he realised that this brand new relationship consisted of only ever whispering "sweet nothings" until things got out of hand, talk became dirty and yeah. But things were turning around though, because he finally thought he had found a guy who actually took care of him the way he deserves to be treated, and maybe... just maybe, this was the right amount of romance for him. Then he'd find out that the sweaty Canadian Bison was a possessive bitch. The relationship was so short-lived, but Byun Baekhyun would not stop yet, otherwise he would never have met the Fruit Bat. With the famous dancer, they spent a glamorous night out with feathers and gold sequins and crimson liquid, but Baekhyun the Boy decided this wasn't the life for him, he only wanted to look for a simple date, so he didn't give himself a chance to see the other side of Mr. Bat. They parted ways quickly with Baekhyun and his back turned to that life of glamour; another short-lived relationship. And his consciousness was getting the better of him as he has been feeling like eyes were following him around.

The third day of that week couldn't be him seeing things, because he pinky swears he's been seeing squiggly locks and a toothy grin a lot lately--and he also pinky swore he'd meet up with his long, long, lost lost lost best friend from kindergarten who travelled back all the way from the Caribbean! Before their night of reunion had even ended, Baekhyun realised he had no chance with this Hermit, plus the guy was too innocent and the inevitable truth was that they were nothing more than best friends.

But one octopus kept showing up the whole week and Byun Baekhyun swears by Thursday that that curly-haired, spectacles-adorning freak was all he could ever think about since the start of Monday.

recorded: Jun 27, 2013 at 9:37 © baekdo
filed under: exo baekyeol i tried to write comedy i- failed fanfiction editseu well i hope the graphic made up for it 8D baekhyun chanyeol lay sehun chen tao kris kai d.o kyungsoo jongin *breathes* byun baekhyun park chanyeol e:ff e:au e:bkh e:cy e:baekyeol haenim haetypos
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