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♡ helen desu
17, e/infp.


i’m gonna reblog sad tablo bee every time it’s on my dash

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ten songs on shuffle

tagged by the lovely iteuwons again (amanda hello!!!!)

  1. jhené aiko - the worst ((my fave song came first ok it must be fate))
  2. bts cypher pt.3 - killer
  3. akmu - melted
  4. bts - let me know
  5. lana del rey - blue jeans
  6. tablo & taeyang - eyes nose lips (english)
  7. trouble maker - now
  8. childish gambino - 3005
  9. hyuna - red
  10. the weeknd - pretty

i tag: soo-hae obaek baek-yu malon ruies

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Title: Suga's swag english

Artist: Min Suga

Played: 20647 times
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 malon replied to your photo:


i was stalking my own activity cryinG i saw this omg but i love and admire you sefina

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tagged by iteuwons ♥

thank youu amanda for tagging me!! ♡

Name: Helen

Nickname: too many like melon, heron, cake

Birthday: 07/07/1997

Gender: female

Sexuality: don’t define mine really

Height: 4’11” nu omg so short *tear* 

Time Zone: GMT+1 but uk is disgusting so it adds or subtracts an hour 

Time and date here: 20:16, 6th september

Average hours of sleep each night: 5 at average

OTPs: sobs baekyeol kaisoo taeny baekris hunhan jungsis taekai is that all c:

The last thing I Googled was: “apple store ipad air charger cable” screams it wasn’t alive for days and neither was i ;A; also the last one that is relevant is “fuck yeah kris tumblr” bc all the fuckyeas i follow don’t update on him anymore :/

My most used phrase(s): tbh

First word that comes to mind: hnng (is tht even a word?)

What I last said to a Family member: I have money!!

One place that makes me happy and why: where home was but now, friends and my truest family 

How many blankets I sleep under: 1

Favorite beverage: boba tea ♡

The last movie I watched in the Cinema: lucy w ma kid and husband owo

Three things I can’t live without: phoneu, ipad, my family

Something I plan on learning: to deal with ignorant people and just give up on trying to make them see truth but nah i should just leave them to die ._.

Piece of advice for all my followers: i’m here to help with what i can so don’t be afraid!! also know that you’re loved ^3^

You all have to listen to this song: the nbhd - sweater weather, jhene aiko’s the worst, bts - let me know, lana’s this is what makes us girls

My blog(s): this, a byuntae blog i run with soo (soo-hae), roleplay that i’ve abandoned, resources and personal

Tagging: soo-hae cehoon hyunyeol obaek baek-yu ex-oolong exoplanet chanoyeol wthenry


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adorable luhan and the heart pillow

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me: i'm gonna make you mine
me: *right click, save image as*
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chanyeol’s unstoppable love for kyungsoo (ft. supporters? and a cockblocker)

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